Honesty Hour / by Scott Ulrich

Chi Rho Collective is a brand that wants to do good and to make strides towards change for the better. We want to be an encouragement, and through the altruistic projects we have lined up for the near future, we want to be charitable. But here is the reality... We are not a non-profit, a charity, a ministry, or anything of the like; we are a company. The last thing we want is to mislead you into thinking we're something that we are not. While we ARE aiming to make a positive difference and to unite people, we are still a company with the primary goal of providing you with quality goods and products that you'll love; just with some thoughtful discussion and encouragement along the way. That doesn't mean that we aren't passionate about the things we promote. It just means that we refuse to hide under a banner of positivity to sell you our products. Hopefully what we are doing will bring people together in an impactful way, but as tempted as we may be to tell you otherwise, you do not need to be wearing a Chi Rho Collective shirt to be making a difference.